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Patricia Harragin


I first qualified as a counsellor in 1994. In the following ten years I ran and trained others to run parenting groups.

I took part in a Re.Vision (Counselling & Psychotherapy with a Soulful Perspective) transitions course in 2000.  I was excited to learn more about this approach and enrolled on the counselling course.  I graduated as a counsellor in 2005.  The training was rigorous.  It combined sound clinical practice with soulful care.  I completed the Re.Vision diploma in psychotherapy in 2008. Since then I have completed the Re.Vision couples counselling and the supervision training.  I am a registered psychotherapist through Re.Vision with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I adhere to the ethical frameworks of UKCP and Re.Vision.

I have regular supervision. 

All through my Re.Vision training I attended workshops and intensives (week long retreats) run by the Marion Woodman Foundation.  This BodySoul rhythm work beautifully weaves a psyche and body connection.  I have some experience of the trauma/somatic work of Peter Levine.  When appropriate I integrate breath and non-touch body awareness into my practice and many find this supportive. 

I am actively engaged in the struggles and joys of my own creative process.  I encourage recording of dreams, journaling, art and creative expression as being therapeutically beneficial. 

When appropriate, I include nature in my work and find that the other than-human world finds its way into the consulting room.  There is also space to acknowledge heart-felt response to the environmental/ecological crisis that we face.  I support the need to face the beauty and suffering in the world.  The relationship between human well being and the well being of the earth, our home has never been so important.    

Finally and significantly …

I have a profound appreciation and respect for the work of C G Jung: an intrepid explorer of the human psyche/soul.  He has left a wealth of knowledge and is the foundation of so many psychotherapeutic maps or ways of working.  He realised the value of using the imagination, art, dreams, fairy tales and myths.  He gave name to complexes, archetypes, the collective unconscious and the rich symbolic relevance of alchemy.

I am currently completing my training as a Jungian analyst in Switzerland at the Research and Training Centre in Depth Psychology according to C G Jung and Marie Louise von Franz.  These last eight years of study have broadened and deepened my practice in ways I could never have imagined.